5 of The Most Heartwarming Moments From Our Last Show

If there’s one thing that is consistent about every single Artist’s Umbrella show, it’s that every show is different. If there’s one more thing, it’s that every single show is filled with beautiful moments that leave us in awe of this community that we are a part of.

Our last show, hosted by Urban Beat and held in the parking lot behind their building and Sir Pizza in Old Town, was no exception. Since losing The Loft as our venue (a heartbreaking loss) we were amazed at the places around town that offered to welcome us and make us a part of their space. Ultimately, Urban Beat made the most sense given COVID-19 guidelines and we ended the evening insanely grateful for not only their space but their help.

But the location wasn’t the only thing about this show that left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside. While every show leaves us feeling grateful for this community, this one showered us (see what we did there) in a storm of warm fuzzies. Here are 5 of the most amazing moments.

Refused Discounts

The night started with dissipating showers and cloudy weather but when it was clear the rain would hold off, people started trickling in as the show went on. About halfway through the show, we offered discounts to those who had missed much of the first part. Much to our surprise, most of those who were offered a discount refused. Almost everyone was adamant they wanted to pay full price in order to support the arts in the community and one gentleman even came back up to the table when he realized he hadn’t paid full price. To every single one of you, we are humbled.

The Cuteness

There are moments that make you saw, “Oh!” And then there are moments that make you go, “awwww.” This show was filled with those “awww” moments thanks to our youngest attendee and our four-legged guests. When you combine animals and kids, you’re guaranteed moments that will melt your heart. Thank you to Preuss Pets for bringing some four-legged friends and thanks to Melik Brown for bringing our youngest fan to date! (That little fan even decided to grace us with his musical stylings!)

Paint Us Overwhelmed

When we chose our new spot, none of us were aware that it backed up to a number of apartments in Old Town, many of which you could only reach by walking through the show. We were made aware that one of the residents was having a party and his guests would be making their way through. No problem, the more the merrier. We also were not aware these party guests would provide us one of our heartwarming moments. Our painting auction was lively as usual and the bids were flying but the winners of most of the auctioned paintings? The guests at the party who had wandered out to see what was going on. We weren’t a part of their plans for their evening but they were moved to participate in a big way and that moved us in a big way!

Watching From Above

This is not a religious reference but we did have someone watching over us from above...from the balcony of the apartment above the parking lot that is. Toward the end of the show, one of the residents of these apartments came down and asked about ticket prices. When we told him to come on in because the show was almost over, he refused. He said that he’d been watching the show from his balcony, loved it, and wanted to pay for his ticket. See, ya’ll? Amazing people still exist in this world. Thank you, sir, giving is faith in humanity.

Genuine (And Unexpected) Praise

When Melik Brown asked to jump on stage for a few, we gladly obliged...the man always has something worth hearing. We did not expect what we got.

Melik confirmed that what we’re trying to do is working. He confirmed that the community we’re trying to speak to is listening, and he motivated us to keep moving forward by showing us that we’ve already done has had an impact. Thank you, Melik.

You can catch Melik’s words right here.

Not only did this show hold moments that we will cherish forever, it did seem that a divine presence was watching over us as it rained until only hours before the show, paused, and then resumed only after we were all wrapped. Thank you to our hosts, to the community that continues to show up, to the new fans we met, and to the artists that make us who we are.

Catch our next show on September 26th, back at Urban Beat. More details to come.

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