The Artist's Umbrella started with two creatives who wanted to share the talent they knew Lansing had. It's grown into a showcase of talent of every kind. At a show, audience members can expect to experience a vaudeville-esque variety show that showcases the creativity and talent of the Lansing community. No two events are alike and while one may feature beatboxing and belly dancing, still others will include spoken word poetry, storytelling, music of all varieties, comedians, magicians and more.



While the show continues to grow, the team behind it does as well. Founded by Jeremy Hurt and Brandon Navin, Allison Spooner makes this team a trio. 





When asked about a bio, Jeremy apparently needed sometime to Google bios and came back with a format for a poem.  So, here is Jeremy's Bio Poem.


Son of Bey and Teri Hurt

Brother of Nicole Phelps

Emapth, Ambivert, and Existential Wanderer

Lover of simplicity, hearts that burn their initials in the earth, and art

Who feels all the emotions, along with a strong desire to create, and hopeful

Who needs a balanced mixture of solitude and company, pen and paper, and ramen

Who gives his last dollar, his heart, and sometimes more than he has inside

Who fears being forgotten, not living his best life, and freaking snakes

Who would like to see his son grow to be happy and successful

Who shares his experience to provide hope

Who is a constant work in progress

Resident of Lansing, MI



Brandon Navin

is a hard-living, hard loving extrovert from the Lansing area.  He has spent most of his life learning lessons the hard way.  Brandon spent his early years fueling fires, burning bridges and chasing ghosts.  Today, Brandon does his best to be an example of light and love to his tribe and community.  Brandon has written song lyrics and poetry since his teenage years.  In 2002, however, he learned how to play the acoustic guitar in order to put the music in his head to the words he was putting on paper.  His art is rooted in turmoil and triumph.  After being a front man for several local bands such as, Circle of Crows, Pacifier, and Loa, which won 2017's Homegrown Throwdown (Lansing's Battle of the Bands) Brandon's creative desire drove him to the idea which in turn sparked The Artist's Umbrella.  With many badges of honor on his vest: performer, creator, curator, and passionate emcee, the one he wears with the most pride is that of husband and father.







Allison Spooner

is a writer in every sense of the word. She writes for work, for fun, and even in her sleep, as many of her story ideas come from her dreams. Over the last few years, Allison has published two books. Her first book, Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction was released in 2018, and her second book, The Problem With Humans: And Other Stories was released in September of 2019. Allison specializes in flash fiction (stories told in less than 1,000 words) and bringing worlds, characters, and stories to life in as few words as possible. When she's not writing fiction, performing at Open Mics, selling her books at vendor events, or helping plan the Artist's Umbrella, Allison writes stories that YOU can give as a gifts. Her stories not only provide the ultimate personalized stories but her words can save marriages and make babies. She also does yoga and is passionate about helping others use yoga to become more creative versions of themselves. 

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